Is it really fun or harmful?

                Children always have their choice of buying  their toys and parents often choose what's best for their child for it is what they think that could help them show their love for their children without even thinking that it may 'cause a negative effect or  could harm them.
                In real world adults play a very important role because they were the model of the children of today's generation, but sometimes adults find the best lessons from a child or children, on the other hand children also imitate some from adults maybe some were attitude and characteristics but most of them were the things being used by the adults like gun.
                Toy cap guns is one of the known toys for children and even girls do use that type of toy. It gives enjoyment to a child in playing such thing though we may say that it is not just the only toy in this world, but we can't deny the fact that it is common to children and they even make  toy cap gun on their own for them to enjoy playing with their friends, playing as if they were like a police hunting for  criminals, soldiers in a war or boys pretending to be superheroes, even some adults play those toys for it gives them fun time also when they were bored. In malls, there were a lot of arcade games also which uses guns, there is a sport also that is called "airsoft" which uses a gun and it is play like a soldier with their opponents and mostly adults play those.
                Parents also buy those dirt cheap such as exploder gun toy, a halo toy guns and a lot more guns in different store. These  toy gun were fun, good, great and enjoyable but there are some points that we have to consider:
are these toys safe?
is it harmful?
could these help for a child's improvement?
are these  toy cap guns cheap?
can you afford those?
what negative effect could possibly happen when your child use it?
parents needs to think those things first before giving or buying toys for their children. Yes, they are parents that just wanted to give everything to their child, but sometimes parents should limit themselves, for the good of their children. Maybe it could help their children in communicating to others, it could help them socially and mentally, though its noisy for some adults, such imaginary games are good for it may help with their development as well as good fun. But, don't you think that in some way it may teach them violence? It may hurt them also. Some people discourage others in letting their child play with a toy gun for they say gun symbolizes fighting, aggression or violence. Maybe by letting your child play such toys, you should be responsible enough to remind them always while or before playing, that they must respect one another and that harming another person is not acceptable in the real world. Well, now this depends to the adults to remind the children and making them aware about such things or just let them play full of violence without knowing that it is not enjoyable anymore.

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